Countersurveillance technologies
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OBLIK-2 Professional hidden camera detector


Designed to detect and locate any type of video cameras (hidden or camouflaged on clothes, in objects or in an interior, including cameras with pin-hole lens) at distances up to 50 meters.
Detection principle is based on a reflection effect of the high-bright LED backlight from the camera’s optical system (red and/or green back-flare).

Detector’s features and benefits:
- Detector is made on the basis of high quality binoculars with 6.5x magnification and a large focusing range that allows examining objects in detail at distances up to 50 m.
- Several modes of two-color (red and green) LED backlight allow you to find even protected hidden cameras with special "band-pass" filters.
- Simple operation with just one button.


Detection range (depends on general light conditions)

up to 50 meters


from 6.5x

Number of LEDs

2 pcs

Modes of red/green backlight

continuous, variable and pulsed

Control indication

light (LED) and sound (buzzer)

Power supply

Li-pol battery

Continuous operation time (with a fully charged battery)

up to 5 hours


120х110х65 mm

Detector weight

not more than 0.4 kg