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/ Multifunctional detection instrument ST 031M "Piranha"

Multifunctional detection instrument ST 031M "Piranha"

ST 031M PIRANHA is an improved version of the popular ST 031 - a multifunctional detection device, designed for searching for of all major types of eavesdropping devices. The device has the best "price-capabilities" ratio among devices of the same class.

ST 031M is able to detect the following:
- Wireless microphones ("bugs"), radio stethoscopes and telephone re-transmitters, including ones with pulse and other sophisticated signal modulations;
- Wiretaps working in ultra-high and voice-frequencies ranges;
- Eavesdropping devices working in infrared, ultraviolet and ultrasound ranges.

The ST 031M device also grants user the possibility to identify and analyze the acoustic and other vibration leakage threats of natural origin.

The device can identify all standard digital information transmitting channels (GSM, DECT, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and etc.)
The ST031M allows analysing of received signals both in oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer modes.
Functionally the "Piranha" device consists of 3 separate channels of detection, every working in a separate signal-range. Specialized set of antennas, sensors and adapters helps to provide detection of different eavesdropping devices and natural channels of information leakage.
The device is controlled by means of a twelve key keyboard. The detection procedure results are shown on a color LCD display. The interface of ST 031M is simple and intuitive. Its design was developed considering a long-term experience of operation of our previous models.
"PIRANHA" has a PC-connection feature, which makes its visualization and information-archiving capabilities almost limitless.
Standard USB port grants the user possibility to upgrade software of ST031M by itself, after downloading it from the manufacturer's web-site, or getting it on a CD from regional reseller.

Delivery set:
Basic unit - 1 item;
Antenna - 1 item;
Conductive lines-adapter - 1 item;
Head-phones - 1 item;
Universal "connecting to conductive-lines" module - 1 item;
PC-connection cable - 1 item;
USB flash card with ST031M software - 1 item;
Technical documentation and operating manual - 1 item;
Special transporting case - 1 item.

To gain the best result out of the ST 031M , you should also consider buying the ST331 additional equipment set, which includes:
UHF module (up to 18 GHz) - 1 item;
Vibrations-sensor - 1 item;
Acoustical sensor - 1 item;
Magnetic antenna - 1 item;
Electrical antenna - 1 item;
Optical IR-sensor - 1 item;
Set of cables and adapters - 1 item;
Special transporting case - 1 item.
Selective HF detector
Frequency range 30-4400 MHz
Frequency range (with optional UHF mod.) up to 18 GHz
Transmission Band 1-50 MHz
Sensitivity -65 dBm
Scanning speed 20 GHz/s
Dynamic range 50 dB
Frequency range 0.05-30 MHz
Transmission Band 40 MHz
Sensitivity 20 dBm
Scanning speed 3 GHz/s
Dynamic range 60 dB
Demodulation AM/FM
Low-Frequency amplifier
Frequency range 0.02-100 kHz
Amplifying ratio 0-40 dB
Input impedance 100 kOm
Audio filter range 0.3-4.5 kHz