Countersurveillance technologies
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"Lorgnette" non-linear junction detector

Non-linear junction detector Lorgnette is designed to detect various kinds of electronic devices containing semiconductor elements, such as eavesdropping devices, microphone amplifiers, audio-recording devices, remote control devices etc., both in switched-on and switched-off modes.

Distinctive features:
- light weight (less than 1 kg);
- the unique antenna (only 18 mm thick) allows the hard-to-reach places to be investigated;
- minimum output power (1 W in continuous mode and 15 W in pulse mode);
- automatic frequency selection allows operation in complex electromagnetic environment;
- possibility to choose either continuous or pulse radiation mode;
- wireless headphones for audio information.
radiation mode continuous, pulse
power of pulse/continuous signal 15 / 1 W
sensitivity not worse than -130 dBm
signal frequency 880-906 MHz
dynamic range not less than 80 dB
battery life not less than 2 hours
dimensions 40 x 15 x 6.5 (in transport bag)/ 135 x 15 x 3.2 cm
weight less than 1 kg