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Portable metal detector AKA-7215M

Vortex-current metal detectors are designed for metallic objects detection in dielectric and low conducting mediums: in concrete, soil, under the snow, as well as in clothes, bags and in mail.
When detecting ferromagnetic object (pistol Makarov, for example) the device produces monotonic sound (2-3 kHz), when detecting an object made of nonferrous metal (aluminium, copper, gold) the light and sound indication is discreet.

Distinctive features:
- selective identification of non-ferrous and ferrous metal objects;
- the device detects 5-mm fragment of a needle;
- durable plastic body of the detector allow using it for self-defence;
- enlarged detector area provides accelerated speed of scanning;
- smooth sensitivity adjustment;
- ergonomic design.
pistol Makarov detection range 30 cm
non-ferrous metal disk (ø 25 mm) detection range 13 cm
sensitivity adjustment continuous
dimensions 400x145x35 mm
indication light and sound
power supply 9 V battery
battery life not less than 40 hours
working temperatures from 15 up to +45 °?
dimensions 400 x 145 x 35 mm