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/ SEL ALERT digital multi-channel voice notification system

SEL ALERT digital multi-channel voice notification system

The SEL ALERT module is designed to provide automatic emergency voice notification of subscribers, assigned by database (list of employees who are to be informed) by telephone lines, loudspeakers (relaying system), radio communication (when radio stations are activated), computer and paging networks, and transfer of information of emergency situations, as well as in case of declaration of total mobilization or state of emergency.

After forming of distribution list and recording of voice messages the calling process is initiated by operator from PC or automatically. The system performs calls to specified number (several numbers) from the list and analyzes signals of telephone line. If recipient picks up the handset, message transmission begins. The feature of recording of recipient’s response is provided. The recording results are saved in PC with indication of date, time, duration of call and result of notification.

Applications of system can be found at any Ministries, services, State and commercial organizations, which require multi-channel personnel alert system, i.e.:
- Notification of staff (units of Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Security Service, Ministry of Emergency Situations, etc.) for emergency assembly.
- Emergency notification of enterprises and inhabitants in the events of extreme situations.
- Automated information to inhabitants of service payment indebtedness, shut-off of electric, water and heat supply, etc.

Based on the module SEL ALERT, SURITEL Company developed Automatic System of Notification, which is software – hardware complex.
It consists of:
- special notification module, made in a form factor of PCI board, installed in PC;
- personal computer and monitor;
- software;
- remote starting console for notification activation;
- microphone for recording of voice messages;
- cable kit for connection to telephone lines.

The module of notification by telephone lines is constructed based on SEL ALERT boards to be installed in PCI bus of PC. It is available in 4 and 6 channel versions with series and parallel connection to telephone lines.

The system occupies lines only when notification, as for the rest, the lines are unoccupied to be used for other services. After inputting of all data and programming of notification modes, the system is ready to operate in automatic mode, without involvement of operator.

Subscriber details, their telephone numbers, informational voice messages, notification logs are stored in database, placed in PC, which operates the system. When notification of subscribers, indicated in database, is required, system equipment dials their telephone numbers via telephone lines and, after successful dialing, transmits the pre-defined voice message into the line.

Functional features of the system:

  • automatic message delivery via telephone channels, loudspeakers, to unlimited number of subscribers;

  • simultaneous operation with several telephone lines;

  • random selection of recipients (groups of subscribers, individual subscribers, selection of groups and individual subscribers);

  • recording of voice messages into message database by microphone;

  • capability of creation of voice messages with help of voice synthesizer from text, typed in PC;

  • maximum time of notifying 100 subscribers through 4 channels is not more than 10 min;

  • unlimited number of messages;

  • unlimited length of message;

  • user identification and message reception confirmation;

  • the subscriber can confirm receiving and listening of the message by inputting the pre-set code in tone mode of telephone, or by hanging up after special signal;

  • representation of channel state, progress of notification and its result (including acoustic monitoring of selected channel), as well as the progress of document delivery;

  • profound system administration;

  • visual representation of current system condition;

  • automatic log file of message delivery;

  • statistics of system functioning and print out of brief and extended reports of operation results;

  • maintenance of subscribers database (add, delete, edit, sort and information search);

  • capability of activation of notification according to specified schedule.

Options of notification activation:

- Quick launch by a mode shortcut of PC desktop.
- By remote console (alarm button), which can be placed at the most convenient spot (manager’s desk, security room, etc.) and via fire security system.
- Scheduled activation according to specified schedule with capability of setting up exact date, time, and alert mode. So notification starts automatically, without involvement of operator
- Remote activation via computer networks or over the phone automatically by specific command.

Forming of reports of notification events

Upon finishing of notification the report is formed, which shows the details of each subscriber with indication of exact date, time and notification result.
The event of connection to subscriber is recorded, as well as confirmation of message reception and response of subscriber.
Formation of full-scale detailed report on past alert is provided with indication of results of processing of each step of activity: characteristics of channel and alert mode, subscriber details, notification results, etc.
The formalized report is automatically sent by E-mail, over the phone and to printer.