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/ SELENA - digital multi-channel audio logging systems

SELENA - digital multi-channel audio logging systems

SELENA system is designed for logging audio and data (DTMF) information from any source of signal – digital or analogue telephone lines, intercom telephony lines, radios, microphone, etc.

SELENA is a complex system which provides full time recording, live communications monitoring functionality, and recording on demand. The system allows archiving of the retrieved information, registration of call parameters and systematization thereof in the database with the capability of subsequent playback and analysis. Moreover the system provides the function of decoding of fax-modem sessions.

Recording is made onto a personal computer (PC) hard disc. Uniform software environment provides simultaneous registration of audio information from analogue and digital (E1 trunks and PBX lines) signal sources by the single system.

The system maintains database of conversations. In so doing the channel number, date, conversation beginning time, duration of conversation, incoming and outgoing phone numbers are automatically logged. Listening to the records is made via the PC sound card.

The range of the applications of system varies from the dispatch offices, call-centers, Ministries, state and commercial organizations, which require a multi-channel logging, archiving and processing of the official or any other information.

Multi-channel logging systems SELENA are installed and successfully operated in duty services of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (including "02" service of State Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow), Ministry of Emergency Situations ("01" service of Department of State Fire Service of Moscow), Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, first-rate banks and other commercial structures.

SELENA systems allow registering and processing of information from the following sources:
  • microphones, radios, linear outputs (mono/stereo);
  • analogue telephone lines of PSTN and private branch exchanges;
  • digital PBX extension lines;
  • digital E1 trunks.
The systems may function both independently and also with capability of remote administration.

The systems consist of several basic software modules: - monitoring server;
- server of records’ database;
- client module of remote access to services of the system to configure recording and archiving parameters.

The core of the systems are SEL DTR module for analogue lines recording and SEL DSR module for recording from digital lines.

The SEL DTR module includes the following devices:

  • SEL DTR - PCI boards responsible for signal input from analogue telephone lines, microphones and radios.
  • SEL DTR NET - IP network devices for logging audio information from analogue telephone lines, linear (microphone) and differential (radios) inputs.

The SEL DSR module includes the following devices:

  • SEL DSR-E - PCI boards for logging from E1 digital trunks.
  • SEL DSR NET-E - IP network devices for logging from E1 digital trunks.
  • SEL DSR NET - IP network devices for logging from digital PBX lines.

All these devices are multi-channel. When combining the systems into network, the quantity of channels is unlimited. The system can record all intercepted information, as well as record data selectively (according to the appointed parameters).

Systems provide possibility of connection to SMDR (STATION MESSAGE DETAIL RECORDING SYSTEM) port of P.B.X. with automatic combination of databases of SMDR with database of complex when internal diversion of call is activated.

Therefore, SELENA system is a complete complex of monitoring and recording of telephone lines with decoding of fax-modem sessions to any amount of channels. SELENA modules are coming with two-year limited warranty. Technical assistance is provided. All equipment is certified.

Basic features of recording modules SELENA:

  • Recording of audio information in real-time mode from specified number of channels.
  • Recording begins upon occurrence of one of following events: exceeding of signal level, actuation of trigger or by "pilot"-signal, handset pick up, digital signal in D-channel, as well as on schedule and in manual mode.
  • Automatic logging of date and time of incoming call signal, call beginning time, its duration, subscriber’s telephone numbers, channel numbers, channel description.
  • Maintenance of record database with features of quick search, sorting and filtering of information by several criteria.
  • Logging phone numbers of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Automatic recognition and decoding of fax-modem messages.
  • Simultaneous playback of one or several channels during recording.
  • Playback of recorded information without interruption of recording.
  • Creation of text versions of recorded phonograms with the help of transcriber (built-in text processor).
  • Individual and group setting of effective parameters of channels without interruption of recording.
  • Amplitude and frequency signal correction in a real-time mode.
  • Compression algorithm of voice signals, selected by software. MPEG-3 compression algorithm is used, allowing processing of 20-minutes record (40 MB) within 10-13 seconds.
  • Automatic backup of the recorded information to external media.
  • Keeping detailed log of operator activities and system events.
  • Presentation of channel capacity in graphics.
  • Access rights management.
  • Export of files of database into files of any audio format.
  • "Multi-server" – combination of several systems into a single complex to observe functioning of all channels with the help of a single monitoring program.
  • Full-function remote access to system resources via computer networks.
  • Availability of operation by unlimited number of users over networks
  • Automatic self-diagnostics of all system components.
  • The system is equipped with protective and alarm signals and sending of information via E-mail.
  • Availability of upgrade to increased number of channels and types of registered information (any combination of analogue and digital telephone lines).