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 SEL SP-77/2M RF detector

SEL SP-77/2M RF detector



Telephone line analyzer SEL SP-18/T Bager
Years  of production: 1997 - 1999

Designed to detect any eavesdropping devices galvanically connected  to telephone line, the device provides fully-automatic detection with the help of a microprocessor. It can be used for sweeping, as well as for permanent control of telephone line.

Digital voice recorder SEL DR Sputnik 1200
Years  of production: 1998 - 2002

Compact digital voice recorder with nonvolatile flash memory that provides 18 hours recording time and playback of the recorded voice information.   

RF jammer  SEL SP-21B1 Barricade-1
Years  of production: 1997 2003

Designed to jam compromising emanations and crosstalk when processing confidential data with computer facilities, the device also provides protection against RF "bugs" and neutralization of  radio remote control.

RF jammer SEL SP-21B2 Spectrum
Years  of production: 1998 2004

The radio noise generator provides:
- disguise of compromising emanations from PC and periphery equipment,
- protection against RF "bugs" (5 W, without quartz crystal control),
- neutralization of  receivers with remote control through  a radio channel.

Cellular phone jammer SEL SP-23
Years  of production: 2002 - 2003

The device was designed for prevention of unauthorised using of cellular phones of AMPS, DAMPS, GSM 900/1800, ETACS  standards in protected zones and public places. The output power of the jammer is 1 W.

Digital telecommunicational terminal SEL SP-19/DT Enigma
Years  of production: 2002 2004

The device  establishes secured digital channels for transmission of voice, facsimile and computer data  from one subscriber  to another over the open channels. It guarantees a complete protection against unauthorized access and eavesdropping with help of special tools.

RF bug detector SEL SP-77 Lovets
Years  of production: 2002-2005

Designed to detect and locate radio emitting devices, such as wireless microphones (bugs), telephone re-transmitters, radio stethoscopes, hidden cameras, radio tracking beacons and other devices transmitting informationvia radio channel.The detector has sound and light indication to alert an operator.Identification of eavesdropping devices can be done with the help of acoustic feedback mode.The detector has a headphones socket.The frequency range is from 50 to 3000 MHz.

Wire line analyzer  SEL SP-37/MTral
Years  of production: 2003 2005

Microprocessor analyzer is designed for comprehensive testing of telephone lines and other wires circuits to detect eavesdropping devices.  It provides checking of alive power lines, as wel as telephone lines testing without disconnection from EXCH. 


RF bug detector SEL SP-73 mini
Years  of production: 2002 2004

The device is designed for detection and localization of different RF transmitters including miniature radio microphones. ????? ?????????? ? ????????? ?????? ??????. The operation frequency range is from 60 up to 2000 MHz. The dynamic range is 50 dB.

Noise generator in mains SEL SP-41/C
Years  of production: 1996-2006

The device is a technical mean of active protection of information for the 1st category objects. It provides a masking noise in electric mains. The SEL SP-41/C prevents from information leakage through the power-supply lines and  suppresses wiretaps which are using mains as a data-transmitting channel. The noise frequency range is 0.03-30 MHz.

Vibroacoustic noise system? (4 ch) SEL SP-51/?
Years  of production: 1996 -2005

The device is intended for  protection against  information leakage through acoustic and vibro-acoustic channel. The presence of  2 microprocessor-controlled autonomous digital noise drivers excludes the chance of clearing of signal from noise by soft hardware means. Vibroacoustic transducers connected to the noise generator are placed on the structural constructions with the help of special fastening elements. They create a noise signal on structural constructions which prevents from eavesdropping.The noise frequency range is from 100 up to 11000 Hz.


SEL SP-77/M "Lovets" RF detector
Years  of production: 2005-2007

Modification of  SEL SP-77 "Lovets".


Digital RF detector - frequency meter SEL SP-71/M OBEREG
Years  of production: 2000 - 2009

Obereg is a unique RF detector-frequency meter that is fully camouflaged in a small-size pager. It is used to detect and locate any kind of radio transmitting devices - wireless microphones, radio stations, video radio transmitters, cellular phones in transmitting mode, etc. Besides, this detector recognizes signals of GSM, DAMPS, and DECT standards. The original design and the noiseless alarm indication enable the user become secretly aware of hidden eavesdropping devices. The operation frequencies are within 100-2800 MHz. The cell phone detection range is up to 10 m. The RF bugs detection range - up to 3 m.

Non-linear junction detector SEL SP-61 KATRAN
Years  of production: 2002 - 2009

Katran is designed to detect various kinds of electronic devices containing semiconductor elements, such as eavesdropping devices, audio-recording devices, and remote control devices etc., both in switched-on and switched-off modes. The distinctive features of this detector are the continuous radiation mode and the adjustable power output (from 0.08 to 2 W). It automatically selects a frequency within the effective range of 890 to 895 MHz according to the minimal noise at the 2nd harmonic, which permits operation even in the complex electromagnetic environment. Circularly polarized antenna of the detector reduces search time and improves its reliability. The use of different formats of modulation of the illuminating signal makes it possible to detect electronic devices and also to define the type thereof when listening. The weight of the detector is as low as 3.1 kg.

SEL SP-21 "Barricade" - portable radio noise generator (RF jammer)
Years of production: 2004 - 2009

This device is designed to jam compromising emanations and crosstalk when processing confidential data with computer facilities. It also provides protection against RF "bugs" (5 W, without quartz crystal control) and neutralization of radio remote control. A small size of the unit and the availability of two telescopic antennas enable the user to quickly and easily mount the device, without the need to lay loop antennas along the perimeter of a room.
Frequency range 0,1 - 2000 MHz

High-speed near-field search receiver SEL SP-81 Oracul
Years  of production: 2004 - 2011

Designed for the instant detection of radio transmitting overhearing devices. It also provides detection and recognition of DAMPS, GSM 900/1800 cellular standards, as well as DECT and Bluetooth signals. Owing to the availability of passive acoustic correlator, Oracul can secretly and silently detect the sources of RF radiation without the aid of an operator. The receiver has 2 operation modes: the search mode to detect and locate sources of radio signals and the alarm mode for permanent radio monitoring in a real time.

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