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ST 400 CAYMAN non-linear junction detector (new modification)
ST 400 CAYMAN non-linear junction detector (new modification)

Non-linear junction detector ST 400 CAYMAN is designed for search and detection of hidden electronic devices installed in walls, floors, ceilings, fixtures, furniture, or containers, regardless of whether the electronic target is radiating, hard wired, or even turned off. Using the detector, the operator can distinguish between "feedback" of the real semiconductors and "false" signals (corrosion, metal, metal-oxide-metal (MOM) structure).
All modern electronic devices contain semi-conducting components. Using a non-linear junction detector it is possible to find these components.

So ST 400 CAYMAN NLJD may be used for:
Searching for active and passive electronic eavesdropping devices;
Detection of mobile phones and SIM cards;
Checking parcels and mail for contraband or dangerous attachments containing semiconductors;
Searching for other unauthorized electronic devices comprising semiconductor elements.

The main distinctive feature of CAYMAN non-linear junction detectors is the multi-frequency radiation mode (the NLJD simultaneously radiates several frequencies within the 2-3 GHz band and then analyzes the composite picture of the reflection spectrum, not only 2nd and 3rd harmonics) that gives the detector a lead over classical non-linear detectors:
  • better selectivity (capability to detect electronic components against MOM structures;
  • confident detection of search targets behind partially screened surfaces (for example, behind wire mesh);
  • optimum balance of radiated power and detection range;
  • in the Audio mode, a demodulated response from the target can be listened via built-in speakers or headphones, which may give the user more information as to the specifics of the target, be it alive electronic device or a MOM structure;
  • possibility of operation in a complex electromagnetic environment.

The updated ST400 detector features:
  • modified antenna system which allows to increase detector's selectivity at a low output power;
  • reduced weigt and overall dimensions of the detector;
  • simplified control and indication system;
  • popular type of the batteries. Standard replaceable batteries provide up to 4 hours of continuous operation. ST-400 CAYMAN comes with two sets of batteries that can increase the uptime up to 8 hours;
  • Software update via USB port;
  • The detector is supplied in a shock-proof case.
  • Optimum balance between price and capabilities.
  • more ergonomic design, large telescopic bar and retractable armrest provide maximum comfort for the user.

Package contents:
ST 400 CAYMAN non-linear junction detector - 1 pc.;
Li-Ion rechargeable batteries 3.7 V (18650 type) - 4 pcs.;
Charger - 1 pc.
Charger's adaptor - 1 pc.
Headphones - 1 pc.;
Test targets - 2 pcs;
Operation manual - 1 pc.;
Transportation shockproof package - 1 pc.

Frequency range 2-3 GHz
The maximum radiated peak power less than 2 W
Antenna elliptically polarized
Operating modes 'Search', 'Audio', 'Adaptation'
The range of sensitivity adjustment in manual mode 40 dB (5 steps of 8 dB each)
- visual three 16 LEDs bars
- audible built-in speaker, headphones
Power supply two Li-ion 3.7 V rechargeble battery (18650 type)
Run time of a fully charged battery 3 to 4 hours (depending on operating mode)
Charge time not more than 3 hours
Operating conditions:
- temperature range from +5 °C up to+40°C
- relative humidity not more than 85% (at +25°C)
Dimensions (length, width, height):
- when folded 510x145x130 mm
- with a fully extended telescopic handle and armrest 1500?250?130 mm
Weight with battery 1.75 kg
Weight of the full set in a case 5.8 kg

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