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Counter espionage devices
Physical search instrumentation and counter terrorism facilities
SELENA - digital multi-channel audio logging systems
SEL ALERT digital multi-channel voice notification system

SEL trade-mark equipment
Covert surveillance equipment

 SEL SP-102 ARCAM hidden camera detector

SEL SP-102 ARCAM hidden camera detector



  Counter espionage devices

Electromagnetic field detectors and radiomonitoring

SEL SP-222 Black Hunter digital RF detector
SEL SP-222 Black Hunter  digital RF detector

SEL SP-222 Black Hunter is a new modification of the Black Hunter detector which is notable for its midget dimensions. It is executed in a credit card form factor and is only 5 mm thick that makes it the thinnest RF detector in the world. Designed for detection and localization of different radio transmitters and operating mobile phones of GSM, DAMPS, AMPS, DECT standards, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices, the Black Hunter has 5 operation modes:

1. Search mode with audible and light indication.
2. Watchdog mode (protects you after a sweep by continuously checking for new devices brought in).
3. Acoustic feedback mode.
4. Pulse transmitters search mode (to search for mobile phones and digital transmitters).
5. Special mode for searching for GSM and DECT signals.

Distinctive features:
- usability;
- smallest dimensions;
- possibility to charge the built-in battery via power supply adapter or via USB-port of computer;
- possibility of silent alerting (vibration) in the watchdog mode;
- without external antenna.

operation frequency range 25-3000 MHz
sensitivity not less than 100 mV/m
dynamic range no less than 48 dB
detection range for:
- radio transmitter (P= 5 mW) not less than 5 m
- cellular phone not less than 20 m
- DECT cordless phone not less than 10 m
- Wi-Fi transmitter not less than 6 m
- Bluetooth device not less than 2 m
power supply from rechargeable battery
dimensions 77 ? 47 ? 5 mm

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