Countersurveillance technologies
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KASSANDRA-M Radio monitoring system with signal analysis facility

General purpose:
continuous, periodic and operative radio monitoring, unauthorized transmission detection and analysis as well as their sources localization.

• special technical survey in various objects and premises;
• industrial espionage countermeasures, illegal radio transmitters detection;
• stationary and mobile radio monitoring station set up.

- real-time radio monitoring facility;
- unique user interface;
- multitask system;
- adaptive threshold;
- universal spectrum analysis and data recording;
- full-scale delayed analysis;
- tuned mathematical processing;
- optional receiver control facility;
- network control facility.
Operational frequency band
- basic set 9kHz - 3,000 MHz
- with UHF converto r up to 18 GHz
Maximum scan speed 2,500 MHz/s
Maximum resolution capacity 4Hz
Switchboard channels 8
Sensitivity -158 dBm/Hz
Dynamic range 135dB
Dynamic range (3rd order intermodulation) 75 dB
Off-line operation time not less than 2 h
Main unit dimensions 270x240x55 mm
Main unit weight 3.8 kg