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"Lornet-24" non-linear junction detector

Ultracompact and lightweight nonlinear junction detector with 2400 MHz probing frequency.
Lornet-24 is a unique non-linear junction detector that is notable for its compact size, ergonomic design and weight.  The dimensions are as small as 39 x 10 x 6 cm; the weight is less than 700 g. Owing to its thinnest antenna (only 18 mm thick) it can be used for the hard-to-search places.  Lorgnette is highly competitive with most popular models of non-linear junction detectors.  It can operate in the continuous and pulse mode as well, having a variable power output.  Automatic frequency selection  allows operation in complex electromagnetic environment. Its power output is harmless to operator's health.  Operation at higher frequencies makes it in some cases more efficient than detectors with standard frequencies but with greater power output. The delivery set includes wireless headphones.
Probing signal frequency range 2406 - 2414 MHz with 2 MHz step
The maximum power of the probing signal (peak // average):
Pulse mode 10 W // 230 mW
Continuous mode 200 mW
Receiver sensitivity not worse than -110 dBm
The adjustment range of the probing signal power 20 dB
The dynamic range of the receiving path 24 dB
Battery life at maximum power in a pulse (continuous) mode 3.0 h (1.5 h)
Dimensions of the detector 39х10х6 cm (22х11х7 cm when folded)
The full weight of the detector 0.7 kg
The full weight of the item in a bag 1.7 kg
Operating temperature range from +5 to +40 °C