Countersurveillance technologies
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"Anker-4E" - detector of explosive devices timers

The device is designed for contactless detection of timers and remote controlled explosive devices.

The device detects mechanical (clockwise based), electromechanical and electronic (including wrist-watch based) timers, and also electronic remote controlled explosive devices occupied by decoders (pagers, cellular telephones based).

Detection of periodic rhythms of mechanical and electronic timers in improvised explosive devices (I.E.D.).

Detection of electronic timers, including electronic wrist-watch based.

The device is simple in use, lightweight and compact.

The device also has the capability to inspect closed packages and handbags with the help of a needle-shaped acoustic microphone.

Test targets (mechanical, electromechanical and electronic) are available.
Detection range:
- electromecanical clock based fuses 150 - 400 mm
- electromechanical wrist -watch based fuses 150 - 400 mm
- electronic remote controlled devices 30 - 100 mm
Frequency range 0.3 - 3 kHz
Battery pack 4 x AA
Operating time from one pack of batteries not less than 40 hours
Dimensions 510 mm long
Weight 0.6 kg