Countersurveillance technologies
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"Anker-R" - clockwork-actuated explosive devices detector

Anker-R is a secondary field detector (kind of noncontact parametric detector ) which remotely detects clock delayers as well as the explosive devices with working command decoders.
It provides detection of mechanical, electromechanical and electronicelectronic (including wrist-watch based) timers, alive electronic remote control units as well as small multiple metal objects hidden on the body of a moving man.
The Anker-R operates by remotely detecting weak currents inside I.E.D. actuators, based on analyzing reradiated RF signal.
Detection range - electro, mechanical clock devices up to 5 m
- electronic timers up to 1.2 m
- electronic remote controlled devices up to 1.5 m
- multiple small metal objects up to 5 m
Power requirements battery 9 V
Continuous operation time at least 8 hours
Dimensions 195 x 195 x 20 mm
Operational temperatures range from +5 up to +40 °C
Weight no more than 0.8 kg