Countersurveillance technologies
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Explosives detection kit "Poisk-XT"

Poisk-XT is a kit for detection of explosives. It is intended to detect and identify explosives based upon their traces over luggage surface, human's hands and cloths, and other suspicious objects. The kit may be used to detect and identify explosives in the field and lab conditions.

The advantages of "Poisk-XT" are:

  • Compactness - 160 x 130 x 60 mm;
  • Low weight - not more than 0.3 kg;
  • Simple use and efficient results analysis - analysis time is less than 1 min;

Delivery case includes:
  • 3 flasks with droppers or sprays containing A, B and C reagents;
  • Napkins made of filtering paper;
  • Case.
Type of explosives Minimum quantities of detected explosives
TNT 10-8 g
Tetryl 10-6 g
RDX (cyclonite) 10-6 g
HMX 10-6 g
PETN 10-5 g