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Industrial fiberscope TSG-A

TSG-A is an one-coordinate flexible industrial fiberscope with the built-in illumination unit. It is a modification of TSG industrial fiberscope. It is intended for visual inspection of different cavities, chinks, interior surfaces and other dark hard-to-reach places with small admission ports.

Distinctive features:
bending angle of the distant part is ± 180 °
Fiberscope (fiber-optic part):
function part diameter 8 mm
function part length 1.2 m
bending angle of the distant part ± 180°
field view angle 60°
dioptre adjustment of ocular ± 4 dioptre
type of function part flexible
mass not more than 0.8 kg
operation temperatures from – 5 up to + 45 °?
Illumination unit:
light power 20 W
light source KGE-12-20 lamp
power supply voltage 12 V
rechargeable battery voltage 12 V
rated battery capacity 4 ampere-hour
complete charge time 15 hours
non-stop operation time not less than 90 min
dimensions not more than 160?180?90 mm
weight not more than 2.5 kg
Charger: :
supply voltage 220 ± 10% V
nominal charging rate 0,4 ± 0.1 A
dimensions not more than 110?95?65 mm
mass not more than 0.8 kg