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/ ARCANE SEL MAX hidden camera detector

ARCANE SEL MAX hidden camera detector


ARCANE SEL MAX is designed to remotely detect alive hidden video cameras irrespective of the way they record or transmit video information and irrespective of the means of concealment.

ARCANE can detect wired and wireless cameras as well; it is able to detect intrinsic spurious emanations of a camera.

The principle of operation is based on the analysis of certain parts of electromagnetic spectrum. In this manner it detects the emanating signals characteristic exclusively of miniature video cameras. The USB connection to a computer permits updating of the database of the known video cameras.

ARCANE SEL MAX is a newest modification of SEL C-200BT ARCANE, SP-102 ARCAM and SEL SP-101 Arkan developed and manufactured by Suritel company.

Video demonstration of hidden camera detector SEL C-200BT ARCANE

Delivery Set:

  1. ARCANE SEL MAX hidden cameras detector.
  2. Зарядное устройство.
  3. USB - USB Type-C cable.
  4. Charging dock station.
  5. Software on USB flash.
  6. Stylus.
  7. Operation manual.
  8. Transport case.

Additionally can be bought:

  • External flat antenna.


Number of images in the memory of the detector 16
Types of detectable digital signals ETH, USB, FLH
Average detection time 2 s
Average time of analysis 5 s
Time of continuous operation from battery not less than 2 hours
Magnetic antenna built-in
Touch screen display colour, 74 mm diagonal
Battery Li-Pol rechargeable battery
Power supply 5 V/2 A USB Type-C
Bluetooth data transmission protocol BLE 5.0
Dimensions 80 х 160 х 20 mm
Weight not more than 200 g
Operational temperatures from -10 up to + 40 °C