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/ OBLIK-2 Professional hidden camera detector

OBLIK-2 Professional hidden camera detector


SEL-122B "OBLIK-2" is a hidden camera lens finder capable of detecting any type of video camera lens (hidden or camouflaged on clothes, in objects or built into interior, including cameras with pin-hole lens) at distances up to 50 meters.

OBLIK-2 operation principle is based on causing camera lens to produce a visible glint by flooding it with bright LED light that causes the reflection.

During the procedure, operator sweeps through the premises, trying to cover all sectors, paying special attention to common hidden camera installation sites (ceiling light sources, bookshelves, etc) and sees a distinct colored glint (green and/or red) in the visor, whenever a camera lens reflects the LED light.

SEL-122B "OBLIK-2" features:

  • Device is designed around a high-end binoculars set with adjustable magnification, wide focus range and high light transmission lens, allowing to see camera lens reflections at distances up to 50 meters away from the operator.
  • 2 built-in high-quality color LED light sources, each with carefully selected spectrum that ensures detection of camera lens, even with special band-pass filter coatings.
  • Ease of use: only one button switch to turn on/off and change LED light modes.
Detection range (depends on general light conditions) up to 50 meters
Magnification from 6.5x
Number of LEDs 2 pcs
Modes of red/green backlight - flashing green
  - continuous green
      - flashing red
  - continuous red
  - flashing green and red by turns
  - continuous red and green
Control indication light (LED) and sound (buzzer)
Power supply Li-pol battery
Continuous operation time (with a fully charged battery) up to 5 hours
Charging port  USB Type-C
Dimensions 120х110х65 mm
Detector weight not more than 450 g