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/ SEL SP-77/2M "Lovets" RF detector

SEL SP-77/2M "Lovets" RF detector

The device is a broadband radio frequency detector, intended for detecting radio transmitting devices with different types of modulation, including digital one.

The SEL SP-77/2M detector has 4 operation modes:

1. Search mode with audible, light and vibro indication.
2. Pulse transmitters search mode (to search for digital transmitters and mobile phones of GSM, DCS1800 and DECT standards).
3. Watchdog mode.
4. Acoustic feedback mode.

Distinctive features:
- usability;
- light weight.
Frequnecy range 50 - 3000 MHz
Detection distance 3 m
Operation time in alarm mode not less than 80 hours
Power supply 2 batteries of ??? type
Detector's body dimensions 36 ? 112 ? 19 mm
Length of extended antenna 195 mm