Countersurveillance technologies
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/ Physical search instrumentation and counter terrorism facilities

Physical search instrumentation and counter terrorism facilities

Due to diversity of means, used for acts of terrorism (weapon, the explosive and radioactive substances, etc.), it is difficult to imagine the appearance of any all-purpose instrument, allowing detection of such means, as for their detection the different physical principles are applied.
Therefore, for effective work on security control the realization of complex organizational and technical measures is needed, one of which may be the organization of fixed and mobile posts for examination of people, transport and freights.

The control post may be equipped with the following equipment:
  • Portative X-ray units,
  • Detectors of explosives,
  • Walkthrough archway metal detectors,
  • Handheld & portable metal detectors,
  • Detectors of ionizing radiations,
  • Device of detonating localization or containers for temporary storage and transportation of explosives.
The correspondence check, which may be implemented with portative X-ray - TV units or special equipment - detectors of explosive devices in mail, also should not be forgotten.