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/ SEL-151 SHKATULKA-LUX acoustic noise generator for cellular phones

SEL-151 SHKATULKA-LUX acoustic noise generator for cellular phones

SHKATULKA-LUX device is designed for protection of voice information that can be eavesdropped by a cell phone, remotely activated in secret. The device configuration makes it possible to place several cell phones in it.

The built-in RF analyzer detects when phone transmitter turns on and and automatically activates noise generator of the device. The noise level reliably provides supression of phone's microphone.

Distinctive features:
• The detector of the device recognizes not only speech mobile traffic, but also mobile data traffic.
• The acoustic noise generator produces 2 types of signals: "acoustic white noise" and pseudorandom signal "speech chorus".
• The device has an internal operational time counter with LCD display and indicators of operation modes and battery status.
• The device is made out of natural stone.
Detected signals GSM, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Acoustic noise frequnecy range from 90 up to 12000 Hz
Noise level at the cell phone’s microphone placement not less than 100 dB
Rechargeable battery life during continious noise generation not less than 24 hours
Rechargeable battery life in stand-by mode not less than 180 hours
Overall dimensions of generator's unit 138x66x24 mm
Outer dimensions 240x160x90 mm
Inner usable storage 195x140x70 mm
Weight 3.5 kg