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Handheld frequency and power meter MFP-8000

MFP-8000 can be used to measure frequency and power of radio signals in a wide range of development, diagnostic, adjustment and search applications related to radio devices.


The handheld frequency and power meter MFP-8000, developed on the basis of the latest advances in the RF components and technology and vast engineering and operating experience incorporates the best properties and features of MFP instruments.

MFP-8000 can detect any sources of radio emission within the frequency range from 100 kHz up to 8 GHz featuring sensitivity of -53 dBm with a typical S/N ration of 5dB. That means that a transmitting device with an output power of +7dBm (5mW) coupled to a matched 1/4 wavelength antenna can be easily detected from the distance of up to 8m.

MFP-8000 provides the user with a wealth of functions:
• It can determine frequency of the input signal within a frequency range from 100 kHz to 8 GHz.
• It can measure power of the input signal within a level range from -50 dBm to +30 dBm.
• It can identify in the input signal characteristic features of the data transfer protocol for different communication standards (GSM 900/1800/1900, DECT), e.g. for GSM it can determine “SMS” and “Talk” operating modes, as well as the frequency channel.
• It can automatically tune radio receivers and spectrum analyzers to the measured signal frequency via a built-in interface (option, ordered separately).
• It can use its built-in memory, clock and calendar functions to protocol and store measurement results.
• It can be integrated into automated systems of radio monitoring via a serial interface.
• It can utilize acoustic feedback mode during search work.
• It supports surveillance mode when it responds to signals with a power level exceeding a specified threshold.

MFP-8000 has the following features:
• 30 dB input attenuator adjusted in 10dB steps.
• Count time selection.
• Input frequency range selection.
• User level correction setting.
• Battery charge/discharge control.
• Real-time clock and calendar.
• Built-in light and acoustic indication.
• RS-232 interface.

Delivery set:

1. MFP-8000
2. Antenna А-1
3. Antenna А-2
4. N-BNC adapter
5. RS-232 interface cable
6. Charger
7. User Manual
8. Certificate
9. Package box.
Technical specifications:
Frequency range 0.1- 8000 MHz
Maximum safe input level  +30 dBm (1 W)
Input impedance 50 Ohm
Dynamic range of power level measurement 90 dB,  (-60 dBm…+ 30 dBm)
Accuracy of power level measurement ± 0.5 dB
Sensitivity for frequency measurement: not worse than 1.3 mV
- for the frequency range (300÷6000) MHz  ≤-45 dBm (-45 dBm 1.26 mV)
- for the ranges (0.1÷0.3) MHz and (6000÷8000) MHz  ≤12.68 mV (-25 dBm)
 Typical sensitivity of power measurement ≤ -53dBm (S/N > 5dB)
13 MHz reference oscillator  ± 2.5ppm (-30 +80 °C),  ±1.5ppm (+25 °C)
Frequency measurement accuracy (adjustable) 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz, 1 kHz
Automatic adjustment of the external scanning receiver to the detected source of RF optional
Voltage Standing-Wave Ratio (VSWR)  ≤1.5
Power supply a built-in Li-Ion battery 3.6 W/1.95 А/h
Battery life  not less than 8 hours
Average current consumption ≤ 250 mA
Operating temperature range from - 0 up to + 50 °C
Overall dimensions 115 х 70 х 27 mm
Indication LCD, 4 lines
Input connector N-type (female)
Weight not more than 300 g