Countersurveillance technologies
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Lornet-36 non-linear junction detector

The non-linear junction detector LORNET-36 is the irreplaceable device at carrying out of operational and search activities in premises with high density of subjects containing electronic devices and also by search of small-sized electronic devices (1? 2cm). The device is also effective at long distance from the objects that is very good at analysis of suspicious objects at a safe distance.

New frequency non overlaping with cellular phones: 3580-3620 MHz

Main competitive advantages:
  • Thanks to high frequency of probing signal and effectively implemented narrow diagram of antenna directivity “LORNET-36” is considerably better than all domestic and foreign non-linear detectors in range of detection, selection and accuracy of spatial localization of semi-conductor elements.
  • Usage of SHF range allows detection of semi-conductor elements hidden by various materials (p-n junctions can be detected through the cracks, unearthed shields, through reflection from smooth surfaces; for example, SIM-card is detected at 1 meter distance etc.).
  • Narrow beam of directivity diagram and laser pointer allow carrying out spatial discrimination of various semi-conductor elements with split-hair accuracy that is extremely important characteristic at the analysis of suspicious objects at a safe distance.
  • Automatic and manual changes of capacity of probing signal in pulse mode.
  • Usage of the newest technologies and materials, ergonomics.
  • Convenient indication display and operation control, easy to use, lightweight.
  • Electromagnetic impact on the operator is significantly reduced due to a high probing pulse duty cycle and a significant reduction of spurious radiation towards operator.
  • Supports wireless headset.
Type of probing signal pulse
Probing signal frequency 3580-3620 MHz
Receiver frequency at 2nd harmonics 7160-7240 MHz
Receiver frequency at 3rd harmonics 10740-10860 MHz
Antenna gain factor at 1st harmonics 20dB
Antenna gain factor at 2nd harmonics 24dB
Capacity (pulse ratio) of pulse signal 20 W (160)
Energy potential (capacity of probing signal taking into account antenna gain factor) 2000 W
Sensitivity at 2nd and 3rd harmonics (without antenna gain) minus 110 dBm
Dynamic range more than 40 dB
Angle of antenna directivity diagram (at 1st//2nd//3rd harmonics) 16 //8//4 grade
Laser lightning of the center of directivity diagram yes
Time of work from built-in accumulator at maximum capacity of probing signal 3.0 hours
in working state 47.7?30.3?22.7cm
in transport bag 30.3?30.3?23 cm
Weight 1.4 kg